Tupolev Tu-2

The Tupolev TU-2 is one of thes planes wich are not well known, the first design of this plane began during the early years of WWII.Previously designed for the replacement of the PE-2 wich was built in great number, the TU-2 in fact never replace the PE-2.

The initial project was nammed ANT-58,and was a fast attack bomber, able to carry up to 2000kg of bomb at a speed over 500km/h

The plane design is quite simple, and his shape is very similar to the PE-2 for non trained eyes it's easy to confuse the two planes.
The TU-2 have near size of the PE-2 but is heavier 12800 kg in maximum charge against the 8000kg for the Pe-2.
It's a twin engine four seat bomber ,the fuselage have a very aérodynamic shape and the plane looks like more as a fighter than a bomber.
The design was so good that until the end of his career in the 60's no major modifications was introduced. The Tu-2 is one of the few planes to receive a NATO code , the TU-2 used by communist block was nammed " BAT "

The Tu-2 is powered by 2 x Chvetsov ASh-82Fn or FnV twin radial 14 cylinders developping 1850cv
the maximum speed of the Tu-2 is up to 550km/h in charge.
The defensive armament consist in 3 x 12,7mm Beresin BS installed rear of cockpit, in the dorsal cockpit and in the belly position.
The Tu-2 have also 2 x 20mm ShVAK with 200 rounds per gun ( later replaced by 23mm guns)
The bomb load tranported in bay iw up to 2270kg (later up to 3000kg)
Soon the plane was on duty she was very appreciated by the crew, fast, powerfull and robust the plane was able to succed in most of the missions.

A ground attack variant was developped , with a 37mm gun

A night fighter with radar equipment was also built.

The TU-6 latest developpement of the TU-2 was similar but have a bigger wing and bigger tail.

The TU-2 was yet in use during the Korean war between 1950 and 1953.
China reveive 100 Tu-2 wich stay long years on duty.
Many Warsaw Pact country have use the TU-2 after 1945 , Poland was one of the great user of the TU-2